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Dedicated cars at your disposal when you need them

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Use a dedicated Europcar On Demand vehicle pool to cut what you spend on taxis, car rental and your fleet

  • Reduce the size and cost of your fleet

  • Align fleet management with your corporate social responsibility policy

  • Optimise use of pool cars and travel between sites

  • Reduce the use of personal cars for business trips

Sure, you need a fleet. But do you really need to manage it?

Vehicles on site

We’ll make sure you’ve always got vehicles at your disposal. No need to buy more cars as your company grows.

Easy management

Forget about cleaning, maintenance, losing keys or keeping track of vehicles. We take care of your cars and your staff can book them with an app.

Digital platform

Check on usage and expenditure whenever you want with our customisable booking platform.

We give you…

Vehicle management

  • Maintenance and parts, servicing, insurance and claims management

  • Accident and roadside assistance

  • Financing and insurance

  • Fuel card management

  • Electronic logbook*

On-site service

  • Transfers to servicing garages and tyre changes

  • Warranty and maintenance of the hardware*

  • Interior and exterior cleaning

  • Vehicle delivery and return

  • Electronic logbook*

Car sharing management

  • Hardware and software vehicle connectivity*

  • Customer service hotline from 8am to 9pm*

  • Personalised reporting and monitoring

  • Private use management*

  • Division by cost centre*

  • Driving licence check

*Included in your basic package.

Choose from two pricing options

Fixed fee

  • One fixed price per vehicle, per month

  • Including vehicle management, on-site maintenance, delivery and return, in-car technology, booking platform and customer support

  • For companies that have or want a corporate fleet

  • Designed to suit your business

  • Available anywhere in Spain

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Pay per use

  • Only pay for what you use, with no additional costs

  • Get your own dedicated car sharing station: Europcar On Demand vehicles based in your company car park will be available to your employees only

  • For companies with 200+ employees

  • Only in Barcelona and Madrid

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