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Rent a car by the hour with 30 km included in every booking

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Hassle-free city car and van hire in Barcelona

When you need to hire a car or van fast, Europcar On Demand has the solution.

  • The sun’s decided to shine and you want to take a last minute mini-break?

  • Off to see family?

  • Meeting up with friends?

  • Errands to run?

  • Urgent business meeting?

  • Need a van for moving?

Whatever the reason, you can be on the road and driving to your destination within an hour.

Digital car hire – the smart way to travel

Rapid online booking

24/7 access to on-street vehicles

Hire by the hour or day

Booking is as easy as counting to 3!

1. Register and book with the app

2. Open the car with your phone and go!

3. Return the car to the same parking spot when you’re done

Help us reduce the number of cars on the streets.

Each carsharing car replaces 20 private cars. Use the ECO and ZERO models to move around the city in a sustainable way. Together we can contribute to improving air quality and freeing up public space.

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New! Service and tariffs for people younger than 21 years

Digital car hire in Barcelona

If you’re looking for car hire by the hour or the day in Barcelona, welcome to Europcar On Demand! We offer fast and flexible car and van hire to suit you.

Select your car from a variety of vehicles available for short term car hire in Barcelona and save money too. You only pay for the time you hire the car.

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Why choose Europcar On Demand for car sharing in Barcelona?

  • Immediate car hire 24/7 through your phone

  • Fuel and insurance included

  • No queues at the desk for keys - just open the car with the app and go!

  • Hire a vehicle for as long as you need it

  • Cars available from convenient locations across Barcelona

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For seamless car hire in Barcelona choose the Europcar On Demand car hire experience

Driving in Barcelona

Car hire in Barcelona is easy, but remember:

There's a lot of traffic in Barcelona. When you choose car sharing in Barcelona, make sure you allow plenty of time for your trip. Plan your itinerary, take your time, and avoid rush hour if possible.

Taxis and cars on a central Barcelona street with Eixample-style buildings during the day

Do you have a company?

Save on mobility costs with our carsharing for companies and freelancers. You will have a car available whenever you need it.

"We needed a solution that was representative of our company DNA, which means having an eco-friendly component that was attractive at the same time."

Manuel Martins,

Facilities Management Vice Director (France)